How to create an event

To create and publish an Event on Westmeath PPN website Home page, you need to login, and follow Create Event link on the Events page. 

You will be brought to a page which you complete as follows:

Form fields


Data to enter

Title of Event

The name of your Event

Name of Event


To upload an image click on the image you require and click open. When the image appears you are given the option to crop this image to size. You can also insert text that will be used by screen readers, search engines, or when the image cannot be loaded.

Select the checkbox Choose file to locate image click on open to upload


What are the opening and closing dates of the Event?

Insert From and To dates and times.


You can choose for your Event to be either ‘Public’ or ‘Private’. Visible to everyone who is not a member or visible to members only

Set to Public or Private.


Insert Location.

Enter location


Insert the main text of the Event here.

Insert text

Elements (images, tables etc.)

Insert images or tables along with the main text if you wish

Insert element

Upload attachment

If you have any additional PDFs that you would like to display you can add these here


Comment Settings Open or Closed

Open users can post comments, or Closed

users cannot post comments.


Comment Settings Promotion Options

Choose whether to display on front page or sticky at top of lists

Select both options

Save or Publish

You are given the option to save and publish or save and publish later using the dropdown or cancel

Choose save or Save and publish later